Romantic Epsom Salt Candle

Romantic Epsom Salt Candle
Romantic Epsom Salt Candle
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This pretty candle would make a beautiful centerpiece on a romantic dinner table. A perfect piece for a wedding as well!

You will need

  • Plain pillar candle
  • 1/2 cup epsom salt (must be crystals)
  • red food coloring
  • spray adhesive
  • decorative flower
  • glue dots
  • paper plate

What you do

Place epsom salt into a bowl and add ONE drop of red food coloring.


Stir the epsom salt thoroughly, it will take a few minutes for the food coloring to distribute evenly.Pour the colored salt onto a paper plate.


Spray bottom half of the of the pillar candle with spray adhesive.


Roll the candle in the epsom salt until coated. Save the remaining epsom salt for another project or a good food soak. :)


Use a glue dot to attach the decorative flower to the front of the candle.


NOTE: Be sure to remove the flower before burning the candle. Candle should be placed on a plate at least 1" larger in diameter than the candle.


About The Author

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