Safety Pin Tea Light Holders

Safety Pin Tea Light Holders
Safety Pin Tea Light Holders
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The light will dance off these elegant candle holders made from colored metallic safety pins. A pretty project for the holidays!

You will need

36 Size 2 Colored Safety Pins
54 Gold or Silver Metallic Pony Beads
60" Metallic Cord
108 8mm Crystal Faceted Beads
Tea Lights

What you do

Open up all safety pins and string on 3 faceted beads. Close the pins. Cut cord into three 20" pieces. String cord through the head of one of the pins, followed by a pony bead, then another pin, then another pony bead. Continue until you have 18 pins and 18 pony beads. Make sure all the beads are on the same side. You can pattern two colors as shown above or use the all the colors. To keep costs down you can use regular size 2 safety pins,  gold or silver.

Using a second cord, begin stringing through the loop on the bottom of one of your end pins, string on a loose safety pin through the loop making sure the beads face in the correct direction, string on a pony bead, then through the loop in your next safety pin. Continue until you have finished the row of safety pins. You'll will have strung on a total of 18 pony beads and 18 more safety pins.

Using a third cord, begin stringing through the heads of the newer row of safety pins alternating with pony beads.

Bring each set of cord ends together. Tying tightly in a double knot. Trim. Light a tea light and set the decorative holder down around the light.


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