Santa's Clothesline

Santa's Clothesline
Santa's Clothesline
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Santa's Clothesline
by Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

This cute Christmas craft makes a great decoration for your banister, tree or window. Fun for kids to make as well. Too see a larger view of this image click here.

What You Need

36" piece of white yarn
11 mini wood clothespins
1 medium sparkly white pom pom
3 red buttons
2 dark blue buttons
2 small green buttons
felt: peach, red, white, blue, dark blue, green, light green
white craft glue
pattern 1 and pattern 2

What you do

Use the patterns (there are two to print above) for each piece, see colors on pattern sheet. Cut number of pieces indicated on pattern, most will be two pieces each, while only a few require a single piece.

Assemble the pieces by gluing the two like pieces together, glue on trim pieces afterward. For example, glue together the two red pieces for Santa's jacket, then glue on the white trim pieces.

For Santa's jacket, there are different trim pieces for the front and for the back. The long underwear has a pocket flap that goes on the back. The suspender straps on Santa's pants should be glued inside the top of the pants, then criss crossed in the back and glued in place.

Glue the white trim onto the top of each mitten and on both sides. Glue white trim to the cuffs of the pants, cuffs of the sleeves on the jacket and on the hat band. Glue the light green toes and heels onto the socks.

Glue three red buttons to the front of the long underwear. Glue two blue buttons to the front of Santa's pants, just below each suspender strap. Glue a green button to the center of each mitten, front side only.

Lay all the pieces out on the table. Spread the piece of yarn out in a straight line. Squeeze the end of a clothespin to open it and dot a bit of glue into the opening. Attach clothespin to the yarn and then to the felt clothing. Repeat this for all the pieces. All pieces will have two clothespins, with the exception of the hat which will have one.

Let dry and hang in a doorway, on the wall, or on the tree!

Designer's note: This craft was inspired by an adorable item I bought from Avon a few years ago and they have since stopped selling.


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