Shell Ankle Warmers

Shell Ankle Warmers
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Are you ready for Summer?  No?  Still feeling a little chilly outside?  If you need something cute (and fashionable) to warm up your ankles, besides donning a big bulky pair of leg warmers (which are making a come-back too!), try your mad crochet skills and create a pair of ankle warmers!  You can pair these with  most any type of shoe, from tennies to heels, whatever your style.   Create them in any color, a set for every outfit in the closet and every shoe!


Difficulty: Easy



Caron Simply Soft Yarn (Turquoise), US Hook size H/5.00 MM



ch = chain stitch

dc = double crochet

sc = single crochet

sl = slip stitch




Ankle Warmers: (Make two.)

Ch 25

Row 1: In 3rd chain back from hook, *5 dc, skip 2 ch, sl to ch, skip 2 ch, repeat from * to the end.  End row by sl to last ch.  Ch 3, and turn.  (This should give you four “shells” across.)

Row 2: Skip 2 dc, *5 dc in 3rd dc of previous row’s shell, skip next 5 st, repeat from * to create 3 more shells.  After last dc on 4th shell (last shell for that row), turn to begin next row.

Row 3: Skip 2 dc, *5 dc in 3rd dc of previous row’s shell, skip next 5 st, repeat from * to create 3 more shells.  Sl to last dc in previous row.  Ch 3, and turn.

Rows 4 – 19: Repeat rows 2 & 3.  (I crocheted 20 rows for my ankle to fit loosely over a pair of shoes or boots.  For a smaller size, decrease number of rows to 15 or 19.)

Row 20: Repeat row 2, Ch 3, and turn.

Row 21: Sl to 3rd dc, *ch 5, sl to 5th dc, repeat from * twice, ch 3, sl to last dc.




Working down the side:

Row 1: ch 1, *3 sc in ch 3 section, 1 sc in corner of joining shells (5th dc in a shell), repeat from * across to end of piece (approx. 40 scs).  Ch 3, and turn.

Row 2: 1 sc in 2nd sc from end of row, sc across to end of row, (40 scs) Ch 3, and turn.

Row 3: Repeat Row 2. (39 scs).  Ch 3, and turn.

Row 4: Repeat Row 2. (38 scs).  Ch 3, sl to last sc of row 3 (just below to form lace hole – see image).




Laces:  (Make two.)

Ch 80, fasten off. 

Starting at the top (cuff), weave these through the holes of each side of the ankle warmer back and forth like a shoe lace, connecting the two sides (see image).




Now, you are all set to go with toasty warm ankles…whether jogging, shopping, or just hanging out!


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