Silhouette Frame Covers

Silhouette Frame Covers
Silhouette Frame Covers
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This simple and easy frame cover makes a great accent for your home for Halloween. The shown materials cover one 15” X 17” frame.

Materials:  1/2 yard Orange Material, 2 yards Black Poke-a-dot Ribbon, 2 black foam sheets, hot glue gun, Scissors.

You can choose from two different silhouettes. Silhouette 1 Silhouette 2.

Step 1: Measure the picture frame you want to cover and add 10” to width and height. Then cut fabric to your specifications.

Step 2: Iron out the Wrinkles.

Step 3: Lay out the material and lay picture frame face down in the center. Fold fabric around the Frame and fold the corners tightly. With the glue gun, glue the fabric together to form a pocket. Repeat to all for corners.

Step 4:  Measure and cut the ribbon the same length and width as the fabric. Place the ribbon along the bottom of the frame and tack down with glue gun, make sure to wrap the ribbon around the back. Do the same with the ribbon on the left side.

Step 5: Print out the given silhouette and glue the corners to the black foam. With Scissors cut out silhouette be careful so paper doesn’t slip.

Step 6: Glue silhouette onto the frame in wanted position.

Step 7: Hang up your new adorable addition to your Halloween décor!


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