Simple Ruffle Scarf

Simple Ruffle Scarf
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This simple scarf is created using Red Heart Boutique Sashay Yarn, a fun and unique yarn to experiment with. I had seen a few scarf patterns using this yarn around, and even started a few but ended up taking the scarves apart. Based on what I learned experimenting with the Sashay yarn and the other patterns, I came up with a simple version I am really happy with. I plan to crochet several as Christmas gifts this year too!

I love the different variegated color combinations the Sashay yarn comes in, with lively names like Rhumba, Disco, Waltz and Ballet. My favorite part is the little bit of silver thread worked in along the one side of the yarn – girls need glitter! This scarf would easily make the perfect accent to your outfit for a night out on the town dancing or visiting the nearest coffee shop with friends. The yarn is actually the perfect weight for keeping your neck warm (but not too warm) and for creating lovely light weight ruffles. Enjoy!

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Red Heart Boutique Sashay Yarn (any color); Hook Size K/6.50mm

CH = chain
SC = single crochet

Notes: The yarn is tricky to work with your first time. It comes off the skein looking a little bit like ribbon or fabric. Stretch it across between your fingers and you’ll notice it’s a wide piece of woven yarn material. I’ve included a few images to help you get started. Once you get the feel and hang of working with the yarn, it goes pretty fast. I like to pull out and pre-stretch (or separate) a long width of yarn to use as I am crocheting as this makes it a little easier to work with as you go.

You’ll want to start 4 – 6” in from the edge of the yarn. This gives you a little bit of room to begin working. Notice how the yarn ribbon appears to have parallel rows secured by tiny perpendicular stitches. I like to work in between the second and third parallel rows.

You can work in between the first and second (I don’t think it matters.) I just prefer a bit more of a substantial feel – it makes me believe the scarf will be sturdier. I have no clue if that’s true. See the images to get a better idea of how to accomplish this.

*I work in every other section along the edge. So basically, I count 1 or even 2 spaces (sectioned by those tiny perpendicular stitches before I pick up a new section of yarn to pull through.
Pattern Instructions:

Chain 5. You’ll do this by placing your hook in the yarn on the opposite edge of the glitter thread, and picking up sections to pull through to form your base chain.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook. Sc 3 across. Ch 1, turn. (4 sc)
Row 2: Sc 4 across. Ch 1, turn. (4 sc)
Repeat Row 2 to desired length.

*I use a needle and matching thread to secure the ends of the scarf when I am all done to insure the scarf doesn’t unravel. Nothing fancy – just a few strategically-placed hand stitches will do the trick.
Enjoy your beautiful Sashay Scarf!


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