Snowman Countdown

Snowman Countdown
Snowman Countdown - Free Craft Idea
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Have fun counting down to Christmas morning with this cute Snowman craft!  You will enjoy this countdown craft project, whether you keep it for your home or give it as a gift.  The neat thing about this project is it can be adapted to just about any winter countdown, whether you are waiting for Christmas Day or School to start again! 

Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate


Red and Green Material - Measurements below

Snowman Cutout

Glue Gun

Sticky back Velcro

Needle and Thread


1. For this snowman wall hanging I hand stitched fabric pieces together and used a wooden snowman cutout for the center. The snowman was from another craft that I had already painted but you can buy these at most craft stores.  If you don't have one already painted you will want to paint it first for this project and set aside.

snowman countdown 1

2. Now it is time to cut your fabric. Start with your backing fabric (for lack of a better name) that you will layer the other fabrics on - use a flannel or sturdy hanging fabric - mine measures 23" L x 11" W. You will want to cut your fabric that lays on top of your backing the same length, or slightly shorter on all lengths to create a frame if you want the backing to show. The other bordering fabrics are as follows - Green border is made from two pieces 22 1/2" L x 2" W and the other 2 pieces measure 10" L x 2 1/2" W.  The corner fabric pieces are just 2" squares with craft embellishments glued on top.

snowman countdown 2

3. Once your fabrics are cut you can lay them out and pin or glue in place using thread or hot glue, whichever you prefer, or you can hand stitch together like I did which was just a single stitch around the border and zig-zag down.

You can also glue or tie the snowman to the material as either would work for this project - I chose twine to tie my snowman to the material since I had plenty on hand. I found some cute numbered tile-like buttons that I put sticky-back Velcro on the back of them and the fabric but you can use anything you can think of for your countdown.

Get creative! Enjoy!


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