Sock Snowman

Sock Snowman
Sock Snowman
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This cute snowman is so easy, you'll be able to throw several together in an afternoon! All you need are some tube socks and imagination.

What You Need

men's over the calf tube socks
clean cat litter
3 plastic recloseable bags
3 buttons
material with a holiday pattern
white yarn
1 red jingle bell
3 black plastic gems, beads, or dots

What you do

Using clean cat litter, fill each plastic bag and seal, each one having less litter than the other so that you end up with three different sizes. Put the largest sealed bag inside the tube sock. Push the bag all the way to the bottom (toe) of the sock. Put the medium sized bag inside the sock and then the smallest bag on top. Carefully lay the sock on its side so that it is easier to work with. Tie a piece of white yarn in between each litter bag, creating the snowman's sections. There should be one piece of yarn tied over each bag. You should still have the top of the sock left, approximately 3"-5" in length.

Stand the snowman up and move the body sections around until he is in a standing position and can remain that way on his own. Fold the top of the sock down to form a cap and to cover the top piece of white yarn. Using pinking shears cut a strip of holiday fabric and tie around the hat. Glue the red jingle bell in place on the tied material.

Cut another strip of material and tie around the neck to fashion a scarf. Cut three squares out of the fabric and glue in different spots on the snowman's body (see photo). Glue a button to each material patch. Glue the black beads in place for eyes and nose.


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