Spiders Web

Spiders Web
Halloween Crafts - Spiders Web
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You need: wire, small nail, 3 sticks, construction paper, scissors, paper glue, white marker

How to: Cross the 3 stick in the middle making 6 equal size spaces in between them. Tie them down in the middle with some wire.

With the nail make some holes in the sticks, two on each side of the center. Make sure they are at equal distances at every stick.

Pass a fist piece of wire trough the first set of wholes on each stick until you come to the first one. Repeat this to the next set of holes. You should have now the spider’s web.

Draw on the construction paper a circle for the body of the spider. Make a small bump on the top for the head. Cut this out. Also cut 6 thin long stripes for the legs.

Fold the stripes in 2 from the middle. At the ends make some small folds for feet on one end and for gluing on the other. Glue the feet to the body (be careful to put the glue on the back of the spider).  With the white marker draw the spider’s eyes.

Take the spider and either glue it to the web, or to a piece of wire hanging from the web.