Spool Doll Nativity, part 2

Spool Doll Nativity, part 2
Spool Doll Nativity, part 2
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Previously we featured a small spool doll nativity consisting of Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. This time, I'd like to show you what I did for the shepherds, the wise men, and an angel, in case you're inspired to create the whole cast.


I did them identical to Joseph-- the only difference is a lighter shade of corduroy!


Wise Men:
They each got robes of purple corduroy, though I gave them each a belt from a different trim so they wouldn't be identical (like the shepherds.) I used some gold lame ribbon for their crowns, but if you look at the top of their heads, you can see the hole that goes through the bead!


She had her gown and wings made from some Christmas ribbon-- I tied a bow with a piece of string and glued it on the back. She also got a pipe cleaner halo glued into the hole at the top of her head.


And here they all are!


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Diana lives in Oregon and blogs at Holes in my Shiny Veneer. This project reprinted with permission.