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Fashion Scarf
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It's amazing the things you can recycle when you are doing your Spring cleaning. If you have any old T Shirts in your closet instead of throwing them out put them to use with this fun and easy Scarf tutorial that can be done in as little as 15 minutes! This tutorial is so versatile because you can adapt it to make a fashion necklace, bracelet, or Scarf for any time of the year!

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Difficulty: Easy


Men's Large T Shirt


You really can use whatever shirt you have on hand but just an FYI- the wider and longer the shirt, the longer and fuller the scarf. Also, If you want your fabric to curl I found that thinner cotton tees seemed to curl the best. My shirts made from thicker fabrics just frayed and did not curl. 



Step 1: Cut the bottom hem off at to create a straight line along the bottom. Like many men's shirts nowadays, the back is longer than the front.

Step 2: Cut 1 inch strips across the shirt all the way up to the armpits. You don't need to worry about straight and perfect lines, once you stretch out the strips, you'll never notice .I was able to get 10 strips out of my shirt - you may get more or less depending on how long your shirt and how wide your strips.

Step 3. Take the strips and stretch them out aiming to make them each about the same length. You don't need to worry about breaking them because you'd have to stretch really hard in order to break or rip them, so give them a tug.

Step 4. If you have a T Shirt with seams, you can gather the strips at the seam and use one of the strips to wrap around the seam to hide the seams underneath the wrapping and tie off ends. The one I used did not have seems so I don't have a picture showing that.  But gather together and there you have it, a simple less than an hour project turned into a beautiful necklace or scarf!


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Jenny Newman is a devoted wife and mother who enjoys creating new projects, patterns, and activities and crafting meaningful home-made treasures.  Her signature crafting style is simple, affordable and fun!  We hope you enjoy Jenny's crafts and patterns as much as we do.