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Squinkies Keychain
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Step 1: Your Supplies

Heard of Squinkies? If you have elementary age kids, chances are…you know what Squinkies are. For those of you a bit behind the latest toy trends: Squinkies are tiny rubbery figures sculpted to look like all sorts of popular kids characters such as super heroes, Disney cartoons, Hello Kitty and other popular toys. My kids love Squinkies; mainly because they are small, smooshie, and can hide easily in pockets.

Squinkies can also go on the ends of pencil erasers and some of the sets even come with their own tiny vehicles and other accessories. I have to say, if I were a kid, I’d want me some Squinkies.

Rather than have them lost in the washer and dryer as they abandon their pocket sanctuaries, I decided to turn a few of my boys’ Squinkies into fun key chains to adorn back packs and coats, as a nifty back to school craft. It took a little thinking and ingenuity but I finally came up with a way to turn the pint-sized rubbery toys into highly mobile keychain décor! Enjoy this free tutorial.

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Squinkies toys, needle nose pliers, head pins (for jewelry making), jump rings (also for jewelry making) and keychain

*I purchased my package of Squinkies from Michael’s for about $8.99, using a coupon I get via email. Wal-Mart carries them for about $12.99 per package, also. The packages usually contain 12 figures.



**Some Squinkies are actually transparent (not quite clear, but still see-through) and you can see where your head pin is going as you feed it through the Squinkie.


Step 2: Getting Started


Take your Squinkie figure and insert a head pin up through the middle slowly and carefully. Because the Squinkies are made of a rubbery material, the head pin will slide through it with steady gentle pressure. If you try to push too hard too fast, the head pin will bend out of shape.

*You want to keep it nice and straight as you insert it into the rubber. You want the head pin to come out the top as close to center as possible. See my images.




Step 3: Finishing Up

With your needle nose pliers for a small loop in the head pin at the top of your Squinkie. I had to trim about half an inch off the end in order to form a small sized loop.




Next, add a jump ring to the loop. Close the ends of the jump ring together with your fingers or pliers. See my image.



Now, you are ready to place your Squinkie onto a keychain. Add a zipper pull or links if you want the Squinkie to dangle from the keychain a little bit. These key chains would make a fun homemade party favor, gift or even a stocking stuffer.




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