St. Patty's Tam

St. Patty's Tam
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Get your “Irish” on by sporting a St. Patty’s Tam, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or any bright spring morning! This knitted tam pattern is a delight to create and works up so deliciously soft using mohair yarn. A “Tam” or “Tam O’Shanter” (also referred to as a tos or Balmoral) is a 19th century nickname for the traditional Scottish bonnet worn by men. It is named after Tam o' Shanter, the eponymous hero of the poem by Robert Burns. Knit a Tam of your very own in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and to add a bit of Irish (or Scottish) flair to your spring wardrobe. This striking hat looks great in this variegated “Mountain” color or just about any bright spring color!

Skill Level: Intermediate

Materials: 1 skein of mohair yarn; *the sample was knit using Mountain color mohair.

1 - 16 inches circular needle size 8

Size 8 dpns

Stitch marker

Yarn needle

Gauge: 4 stitches per inch

Stitches used

K – knit

P – purl

K2tog – Knit 2 together

Special notes: To make an “I” cord after you cast on the required stitches, slide the stitches down to the right tip of the needle. DO NOT TURN WORK. Bring the yarn from the back knit the 3 stitches, and repeat.




Cast on 90 sts

Round 1: being careful not to twist place a marker and K 1, P1 around.

Round 2 -6: K 1, P 1, slip marker as you come to it.

Round 7: K in each stitch around, slip marker as you come to it.

Round 8: (K 1, inc) repeat around slip marker as you come to it. (135 )

Round 9:  inc, K in each stitch around, slip marker as you come to it. (136)

Round 10: K in each stitch around, slip marker as you come to it.

Repeat round 10 until piece measure 6 inches from cast on.

Top decreases

Round 1:  (K 33, K2tog) repeat round.

Round 2: K 32, K2tog) repeat around.

Round 3: (k 31, K2tog) repeat around

Round 4: ( K 30,K 2tog) repeat around.

Continue in this manor until you have 12 stitches on the needles. Change to dpns when it get hard to knit around on the circular needles.

Last round: K2tog around.(6)


Finishing it all up:

Tie version: Divide the 6 sts in have and make an I cord with 3 stitches 2 inches long, cut yarn and weave in. Make another  I cord with remaining 3 stitches 2 inches long, cut yarn and weave in ends. Tie the two ends together. Or Break yarn with about 10 inches of yarn. Weave through remaining stitch and secure and weave in ends. You may lightly block hat. Enjoy!


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Melanie has more than 25 years experience as a Hands-on fiber artist and fiber arts teacher specializing in crochet, knitting, spinning, weaving and tatting. She has taught classes through various yarn stores, Community Education Programs, fiber fairs; as well as in 4-H programs around Idaho. She has been designing her own unique projects and patterns for numerous year and she has spent several years as a pattern tester for many yarn and design companies. You can usually find her working on something or planning her next project.