Starbucks Inspired Yarn Wreath

Starbucks Inspired Yarn Wreath
Starbucks Inspired Yarn Wreath
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Make a Starbucks inspired yarn ball wreath! Great for Christmas or any time of the year.

You will need

wire wreath form
Two packages of Styrofoam balls (all the same size or varying sizes)
Two colors of yarn
Two packages of Holiday ornaments
Glue gun

What you do

Start by wrapping your yarn over the Styrofoam balls. The trick is to wrap in several directions to get the actual yarn ball feel. Only wrap enough to cover any white surfaces, or else you will have larger than life yarn balls. Tuck your loose ends neatly under a strand of yarn already wrapped around the ball. They will hold just dandy.

Repeat this step with your other color of yarn.

Start by gluing your yarn balls, alternating colors to the wreath form.

Start gluing in your ornaments. I glued two on the wreath form on each side, at the base of each yarn ball. I used a small drop of glue to also affix the ornament to the side of each yarn ball after it was places. So you will have three glue spots:

1: at the top of the ornament (where it usually hangs from) to the base of the wreath

2: one on the left side of the ornament touching a yarn ball

3: one on the right side of the ornament, touching the other yarn ball it was next to

Place an ornament in between each yarn ball on the face of the wreath.

You will have a handful of leftover ornaments. Just layer these in wherever you have little gaps, It will give the wreath a fuller look.


About The Author

This project reprinted with permission from Kara Griffith of Inspired Kara