Stick Santa Clause

Stick Santa Clause
Christmas Craft Ideas - Stick Santa Clause
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Materials Needed:


1.     Craft stick (Large)

2.     Acrylic paint with the following colors : red, white, black, pink, peach and gold

3.     White felt (1/2 size)

4.     Glue

5.     Pair of Scissors

6.     Marker (black)

7.     Toothpicks

8.     Yarn (8” length)

9.     Pattern

Craft Procedure:

This real cute Christmas ornament is really an interesting piece to hang on Christmas tree. This is also a practical gift item for kids and kids at heart alike. It is pretty easy to make. Even kids will surely have fun making this Christmas craft. This craft is not only easy to make but also practical as it is obviously budget friendly. It is perfectly done fast and easy without having to spend too much. It is even possible to have it done with leftover materials from other crafts that you made. The procedure of making this Christmas craft is really simple that even kids can do this will all ease.

  1. Use the white acrylic paint to color the entire craft stick.
  2. Spare an inch portion on the upper part of the stick and color it peach to make up for the Santa’s face. Paint the topmost portion of the craft stick with the red color making it Santa’s hat.
  3. Using the red acrylic paint, color the rest of the craft stick.
  4. Using a paintbrush, create Santa’s cheeks by patting some pink paint on both sides of the peach colored face of the stick Santa Clause.
  5. Use the black paint to create a strip right thorough the center of the craft stick to create Santa’s prominent belt.
  6. Still using the black paint, color the bottom stick about an inch thick to create the noticeable black boots of Santa.
  7. When the paint completely dries up, create Santa’s belt buckle using toothpick which has been dipped in gold paint. Create two buttons right above the buckle using gold paint.
  8. Utilize the pattern and cut the felt in three strips. Using the glue paste these white strips in specific portions of the craft stick. One right above Santa’s black boots, another on right below the red hat and one just about half an inch below Santa’s black belt.
  9. Create Santa’s beard using the white felt and face it on the face of the Stick Santa Clause.
  10. Use the black marker to create Santa’s eyes.
  11. Place a pom-pom on the topmost end of the Stick Santa Clause to complete the prominent Santa hat.
  12. Use the yarn for the hanger by sticking it at the back of the loop.