Striped Hot Pad

Striped Hot Pad
Free Crochet Pattern
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Step 1: Getting Started

Everyone Needs Cute Hot Pads! This super easy hot pad measures 8X8”and is made from 2 motifs that are then crocheted together for thickness. You will love creating it. Crochet one in any color/s or crochet several using our free pattern.

Keep them and use them, or give them away as cute, inexpensive, handmade goodies! (These hot pads would be super cute in a kitchen themed gift basket or wedding shower gift.)

Difficulty: Easy

Material: Peaches and Cream-  two colors of your choice  and Size H hook.

CH = Chain

SL = Slip

SC = Single Crochet

CC = Change Color


hot pad

Step 2: Pattern Instructions


Motif 1: Start with Pink

Base: CH 26

Row 1-3: 25 SC, CH 1, turn, CC to Brown

Row 4-6: Rep row 1 CC to Pink

Row 7-9: Rep row 1 CC to Brown

Row 10-12: Rep row 1 cc to Pink

Row 13-15: Rep row 1 CC to Brown

Row 16-18: Rep row 1 CC to Pink

Row 19-21: Rep row 1 CC to Brown

Row 22-24: Rep row 1 CC to Pink

Row 25-27 Rep row 1 (Row 27 Tie off and hide string).


Motif 1

Step 3: Finishing Up

Motif 2: Brown

Base: Ch 26

Row 1-27: 25 SC, Ch 1, turn, (Row 27 tie off and hide string).

Motif 2


1st: Take Motif 1 and 2 and line them up together.

2nd: SC around the perimeter of both motif at same time to tie them together,  For the corners -  3 SC in same sp, SL end to beginning , tie off and hide string.




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