Sucker Covers

Sucker Covers
Sucker Covers
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These sucker covers are an inexpensive and darling way to send someone a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift. Great for teachers, neighbors and even your mail carrier!

What you need

What you do

Download the template. I inserted mine into a Word document which you can find right here. You can print the template out on its own or use the Word document and print them directly onto the back of your patterned papers.


Cut out the covers from the patterned papers and fold along the dotted lines.


Continue until you have the desired number of covers, they will look like matchbooks.


Use a toothpick to poke a hole where indicated on the template.


insert the sucker into the hole.


Fold the cover over the sucker, tuck the flap in like a book of matches, then use a bit of glue stick to tack it closed. Cut strips of ribbon about 8 inches long and tie into bows. Trim the ends, and using the glue stick, attach to the outside of the sucker covers.



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