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Survival Bracelet
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Survival bracelets are becoming popular, not only functioning as must-have survival gear, but also as fashionable accent pieces.  Most tutorials for creating one of these bracelets include some elaborate knot-tying and finish pieces.  In an effort to create one for my husband, I came up with a crochet-friendly, simpler version.  I hope you enjoying creating and giving your crocheted survival bracelets!

Difficulty:  Easy

Materials:  Para cord (any color), Crochet Hook size N/9.00mm

CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

Gauge: 3” = 5 single crochet




Leave about a 6” tail of Para cord for finishing. 

CH 18, for a 9” bracelet.  (Other bracelet sizes: 14ch = 7”, 20ch = 10”).

Row 1: SC in third ch from hook, sc across to the end.  (16 sc)  Finish off.  Leave about 6” of tail for finishing.

To finish, take both tails together and tie a nice bulky knot close to the end.  Trim the tails, leaving about 1 – 2 inches from the knot.  Burn/singe each end of the tails to keep the Para cord from unraveling and to give your bracelet a finished look. 


To wear, poke the knot through the extra ch space at the opposite end and it acts as a clasp for your bracelet.


Extra Info:

7" bracelet = 8ft of Para cord approx.

9” bracelet = 10ft of Para cord approx.

10” bracelet = 11-12ft of Para cord approx.

Para cord can be found at some Army surplus stores, Outdoor Recreation/Camping Gear stores, and many places online.  The Army surplus and Outdoor Gear stores mostly carry black or dark green colors.  However, I have purchased some fun colors from online sources at very reasonable prices, (usually in bulk for the best price per foot.)  Try crocheting some in team colors, neon colors, and my personal favorite: pink!


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