T-shirt Bracelet

T-shirt Bracelet
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Recycling old t-shirts into a cute bracelet is quick and easy!  Not to mention fun to make and fun to wear…Crochet & assemble a t-shirt yarn bracelet for your next outfit or create several for your wardrobe.  These bracelets are feisty, fashionable, and fabulous.  My guess – your friends will want some too!


First, use our T-shirt Yarn Tutorial to create your t-shirt yarn.  Next, crochet the bracelets.   Then, fasten your bracelets together to finish off your new accessory.  Finally, wear your trendy t-shirt yarn bracelet with pride and…Show it off!


Difficulty: Easy


Materials: T-shirt yarn, Crochet Hook Size N/9.00 mm


Ch = Chain stitch




1. Create your t-shirt yarn using our tutorial, if you haven’t already.




2. Crochet 3 – 5 separate bracelets

Beginning: Ch 25.  Leave a 1 – 2 inch tail for finishing and effect.

Join to first Ch to form a loop/bracelet.  Finish off, leaving the tails trimmed to your desired length.




3. Tie a strip of t-shirt yarn around all bracelets to hold them together. 


Your t-shirt bracelet should be a little bit stretchy - which is a good thing, kind of like a one-size-fits-all.  However, experiment with adding more chain stitches for a longer length if you desire, or for a larger wrist.  Enjoy your t-shirt bracelet!


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