Tin Can Mummy

Tin Can Mummy
Tin Can Mummy
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This cute little mummy is a perfect recycling project! Great for holding pens, pencils, or even some Halloween flowers. How about filling your mummy can with lollipops?

What you need

clean, empty aluminum can
2 sheets white felt
2 small black pom poms
brown marker
white craft glue

What You Do

Cut one of the felt sheets into strips. Glue strips around the entire surface of the can, overlapping each one as you go.

If you run out of strips, cut the other sheet of felt into strips as you go.

Use a brown marker to lightly color the edges of the strips of felt to make them look aged.

Glue the poms poms on for eyes about 1/3 the way down the can.

Color a 3" x 1" section of the remaining felt with the brown marker. Next, cut out two "eyebrows" about 1" x 1/2" each. Glue above the eyes.

Color another section of the felt with brown marker, about 2" x 2". Cut a mouth from the colored felt, cut out the center of the mouth and glue to the can.

Allow to dry completely.


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