Triangle Shawl

Triangle Shawl
Triangle Shawl
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Triangle Shawl

by Patti Jansen of Valis' Knitting Moment

This is my first pattern. Triangle shawl in garter stitch with rouching ruffle. It has alternate ideas especially for a beginning knitter. The ruffle drapes nicely. The photos show how the shawl collars nicely. You can see the front and back view.

Measures: From point to width: 30 inches each side.
Wide base: 36 inches.
Ruffle rouching is 2 inches thick.
Final ruffle is 47 inches wide.

Needle: Circular 10.5 with 29 inch length
Stitching back and forth to hold all stitches.


Starting at the point: Cast on 1 stitch. Knit this stitch and turn. (1)
Knit one in front and back and turn. (2)
Knit first stitch in the front and back and knit to the end and turn. (3)
Knit first stitch in the front and back and knit to the end and turn and continue until there are 135 stitches.

Begin the ruffle:
Knit one and yo to the end and turn. (270)
Knit the next row and turn. (270)
Knit 1 stitch and knit again in the same stitch which elongates the stitch (not kfb).Turn.(270)
Repeat 3 rows like this.
(If too confusing, just do a double yo and the next row you drop a stitch. 
Or just knit the next 4-6 rows to make a 2 inch ( or wider) ruffle.)

Bind off instruction: 
Knit one stitch, then knit the next 2 stitches together  which becomes one stitch. Now, knit the first and knit 2 together stitch you just did. Continue this bind off to the end. Basically, it is a knit 2 together bind off.
(If too confusing, then just do a simple bind off of your choice.

Let this pattern be a journey and use your own stitches. It's all fun to make.
Happy knitting, Valis


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