Twisted Paper Witch

Twisted Paper Witch
Twisted Paper Witch
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This adorable witch will make a wonderful addition to any windowsill, front porch, entry way, or tabletop. She's easy to make and fun to show off!

What you need

4" length of 3/8"- diameter wooden dowel
1 1/2"- diameter wooden bead with predrilled 3/8" hole (for head)
Twisted-paper: 2 1/2 yds - rust, 2 1/2 yds - natural, 1 yd - black
24" of 26-gauge wire
handful of Spanish moss (for hair)
1 1/4" Styrofoam ball
6" long straw broom
green chenille stick
orange twisted paper

glue gun
carbon paper
white dressmaker's carbon
Patterns: Hat | Skirt

What you do

Head and Body
Glue one end of dowel; slip end into hole in wooden bead; allow it to dry. Cut a 10" length of rust twisted-paper ribbon, untwist it and fold it in half crosswise (body). Using tip of scissors, cut a small slit at center of fold; insert free end of dowel through slit until head rests on body. Glue head to body.

Cut seven 8 1/2" lengths of rust twisted-paper ribbon; untwist them. Apply glue to one side of one strip end; attach strip to dowel about 1 1/4" from head; wrap glued end of strip around dowel. Repeat to attach remaining strips, overlapping edges to create a circular base; let dry. After attaching the underskirt strips, trim the bottom before you spread the paper out so that the base will be even and stand up better. Stand witch upright, bending out bottom of underskirt for balance.

Arms and Sleeves
Cut a 7" length of rust twisted-paper ribbon (arm) set aside. Cut two 5" lengths of rust twist, untwist. Roll one 5" piece lengthwise into a loose cylinder; glue along length wise edge (sleeve). Slip sleeve over one end of arm so that twisted end extends 1/4" beyond sleeve (hand). Apply 1/2" wide band of glue 1/4" from end of hand; press lower end of sleeve onto glue to make a 1/2" wide cuff. With your thumbs against cuff, work upper sleeve down over cuff about 1/2", creating a puffed sleeve. Glue top of sleeve to center of arm. Repeat to make and attach other sleeve. Center arms under body next to head; glue arms to dowel. (Side of dowel to which arms are glued will be back.) Fold body over arms; glue body front and back to underskirt.

Cut six 6 1/2" lengths and five 8 1/2" lengths of natural twisted-paper ribbon for overskirt; untwist. Using pencil, carbon paper and full-size pattern, trace outline of short strips onto each 6 1/2" length of twist and outline of long strips onto each 8 1/2" length; cut out strips. Attach long strips to underskirt first, keeping upper ends of strips even: Glue top of each strip; press strip into place below sleeves, overlapping strips around body. Attach short strips in same manner. Starting at back and pulling wire slightly, wrap wire around body six times, 1/4" from top of overskirt. Twist ends of wire together to secure; bend ends flat against back. Bend out some overskirt strips to add fullness to skirt fold back one lengthwise edge on two or three adjoining strips to give skirt windswept look.

Cut two 12" lengths of black twisted-paper ribbon; untwist. Glue pieces together along one lengthwise side, overlapping edges about 1/4". Evenly trim corners on one short end glue one side of opposite short end; trap this end around back of shoulders; press in place.

Cut a 4" length of black twisted-paper ribbon; untwist. Using white dressmaker's carbon, trace full size pattern for collar onto the piece. Cut out collar, slitting where indicated. Apply glue around base of neck; slip collar around neck; press in place, overlapping ends at back. Glue ends together.

Hair and Hat
Apply glue around top, back and sides of head. Form a mall nest of Spanish moss and invert it over head; press in place. Cut a 4" piece of black twisted-paper ribbon; untwist and cut to make a 4" square. Fold two adjacent sides of the square toward each other, overlapping edges about 1/2" to form a cone; glue edges together. Trim bottom of cone to make even. Bend bottom out slightly; apply glue along underside; press onto head; twist tip. Cut a 4" length of black twisted paper ribbon; untwist. Using dressmaker's carbon, trace full-size pattern or brim onto the piece of twist; cut out. Cut out center hole; slip brim over top of hat. Glue to base of hat top.

Poke a hole in each end of the 1 1/4" Styrofoam ball with a pencil or knitting needle. Cut a 2 1/2" length of orange twisted paper. Open the paper and wrap it around the ball with the hole at the top and bottom. Using the knitting needle push the ends of the paper down into the holes on the top and bottom of the ball. Cut a 1 1/2" piece of green chenille stick and curl it around the knitting needle. Remove and glue one end in the top hole of the ball.

Finishing Touches
Bend left arm, glue pumpkin to inside of arm. Glue handle of broom to front of right cuff and bottom of broom to front of skirt.


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