Valentine Doily Gift Bags

Valentine Doily Gift Bags
Valentine Doily Gift Bags
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These pretty bags make a statement all their own, no matter what sort of Valentine gift waits inside! A pretty project that's easy to make.

You will need

  • Red paper bags
  • Paper doilies
  • Scissors
  • Spray adhesive
  • White ribbon (optional)
  • Tissue paper

What you do

Turn bag upside down and carefully undo the sealed bottom.


Lay the bag out flat.


Decide where you want your doilies, fold doilies wherever they overlap the sides of the bag.


Lightly spray the back of the doily and press it in place on the bag.


Continue adding doilies until you are happy with the design.


Use decorative scissors to trim off the top of the bag, adding a decorative edge.


Use glue stick to close the bottom of the bag back up like it was originally.


If you like you can poke a couple small holes in the top of the bag and tie a bow in a piece of ribbon for a decorative touch. Fill bag with tissue paper then add your gift.


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