Valentine Envelope Backpack

Valentine Envelope Backpack
Valentine Envelope Backpack - Crochet Pattern
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Step 1: Getting Started

Valentine FUN! How fun would a Valentine backpack be for all the valentines your kids get? This bag is made for a 4-5 year old child.  However, just the straps will need to be adjusted in order to fit larger kids, which is simple and easy.  This pattern could also be adapted to enjoy at Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, or any holiday and favorite season.  Unleash your creativity!

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Bernat Baby yarn super bulky: white, Crochet Hook L/8mm, darning needle, red ribbon, magnetic button, and optional – red accents for envelope.


CH = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

SC2tog = Single Crochet 2 together



Step 2: Pattern Instructions


Envelope (motif 1): White

Base: CH 21

Row 1-11: SC 20, Ch 1, turn. (Row 11 tie off)


Envelope (motif 2):

Base: Ch 21

Row 1-11: SC 20, Ch 1, turn.

Row 12:SC2tog, 17 SC, SC2tog, Ch 1 turn.

Row 13: SC2tog, 15 SC, SC2tog, Ch 1 turn.

Row 14: SC2tog, 13 SC, SC2tog, Ch 1 turn.

Row 15: SC2tog, 11 SC, SC2tog, Ch 1 turn.

Row 16: SC2tog, 9 SC, SC2tog, Ch 1 turn.

Row 17: SC2tog, 7 SC, SC2tog, Ch 1 turn.

Row 18: SC2tog, 5 SC, SC2tog, Ch 1 turn.

Row 19: SC2tog, 3 SC, SC2tog, Ch 1 turn.



Step 3: Finishing Up


After Both Motifs are made:

First: weave red ribbon around the perimeter of both motifs and sew the two ends of the ribbon together and make sure to hide the seams.

Second: Line up two motif’s corners together and whipstitch around the side bottom and side. Leave the top open. What should be left is a flap that is then folded over. I then attached a magnetic button to the underside of the flap and the first motif.



First: Cut 9 2 yard strips of yarn and tie a knot at one end and then braid the 9 strands of yarn together and tie another knot at the other end. The finished braid should measure 33 inches for a  4T toddler. To adjust to fit a larger child, just make a longer braid.

Second: Take the braid and find the middle and sew the middle of the strap to the top middle of the envelope.

Third: Sew the two ends of the strap down to the bottom corners of the bag.

*Optional: Sew on Red accents of flowers or bows to the front of the envelope’s flap.

Enjoy and...

Happy Valentine’s Day!



About The Author

Esther Leavitt is a pattern designer and craft editor for  About herself she says "Crafts are a way for me to unwind but at the same time keep my hands busy so I don't go crazy."  She is also the owner and proprietor of Crafts by Starlight


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