Valentine Gift Jars

Valentine Gift Jars
Valentine Gift Jars
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If you need a simple gift idea, one that doesn't require painting, gluing or other time consuming steps, these gift jars are the perfect Valentine craft for you!

What you need

  • jelly jars with lids
  • Valentine cupcake liners (one for each jar)
  • rubber band
  • red or pink string or yarn
  • candy, a candle or other treats

What you do

First fill your jar with whatever treats or gifts you will be giving. Place a cupcake liner over the top of the jar lid and use the rubber band to hold it in place.


Wrap string around the cupcake liner several time and tie in a knot.


Carefully slide the rubber band downward and off the jar.


Optionally, you can add a few dots of white craft glue around the lid along the string line to reinforce.


About The Author

This project created for by Amanda Formaro. Copyright Moab Group LLC and


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