Valentine Sparkling Juice

Valentine Sparkling Juice
Valetine Crafts - Valentine Sparkling Juice
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Bottle of sparkling cider/juice



Spray paint- color of your choice

Clear coat spray- gloss

Glitter- silver or gold works best



Remove the label on the bottle, make sure to leave foil wrapping at the top intact.  I did this by filling a pitcher with hot water and letting the bottle soak for 5-10 minutes. Then I took a pan scraper and took the label off.  Clean the bottle so that glass surface is smooth.  Make sure you write the kind of sparkling juice you have on the bottom of the bottle.    Making sure you follow the directions on the spray paint can, spray  the bottle up to the foil wrapping.  First with primer and then with paint.   If it gets on the foil it’s okay.  Don’t try to rush this step or you will end up with drips.  Two or three coats may be needed.  Dry completely between coats, this only takes about 5 minutes.  After the last coat of paint immediately sprinkle with a small amount of glitter.  Spray with clear coat twice and let dry completely. Tie the ribbon around the neck of the bottle and attach the heart to the bow.