Vintage Knit Bolero

Vintage Knit Bolero
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If you have been hiding in your closet lately, you may not know that Vintage clothing and style are fashionable and trending. Create this cute vintage bolero for your next knitting project! This free knitting pattern is for a small adult bolero with a bust size 36, and is intended for advanced knitting skills. You will love this smart little jacket, in any color for any occasion! Add a light colored bolero to a sundress for an evening out, or accessorize an Autumn outfit with a darker version for a back-to-school fabulous ensemble.


Difficulty: Advanced Level.

Materials: Simply soft: Grey Heather, 5 MM knitting needle, and Darning Needle.



K = Knit

P = Purl

K2tog = Knit 2 stitches together

BL = Back Loop





Front Left Piece:

Cast On: 22

Row 1: K across.

Row 2 and all Even rows P across.

Row 3-32: Rep rows 1-2.

Row 33: K18, Inc, K3

Row 35: K3, K2tog in bl, K 14, Inc, K3

Row 37: K19, Inc, K3

Row 39: K3, K2tog in bl, K15, Inc, K3

Row 41: K20, Inc, K3

Row 43: K3, K2tog in bl, K16, Inc, K3

Row 45: K21, Inc, K3

Row 47: K3, K2tog in bl, K17, Inc, K3

Row 49: K26

Row 51: K3, K2tog in BL, K 21

Row 53: K25

Row 55: K3, K2tog in BL, K20

Row 57: K24

Row 59: K3, K2tog in bl, K19

Row 61: K23

Row 63: K3, K2tog in bl, K18

Row 65: K3, K2tog in BL, K17

Row 67: * K1, P1, Rep from * across.

Row 68: *P1, K1, Rep from * across.

Row 69: K2tog in BL, * K1, P1, rep from * across.

Row 70: * Rep row 68

Row 71: K2tog in bl, * P1, K1, Rep from * across.

Row 72: Cast off.


Front Right Piece

Base: cast on 22

Rep row 1-32 from front left piece

Row 33: K3, Inc, K 18.

Row 35: K3, Inc, K14, K2tog, K3.

Row 37: K3, Inc, K 19.

Row 39: K3 Inc, K15, K2tog, K3.

Row 41:K3, Inc, K20.

Row 43: K 3, Inc, K16, K2tog, K3.

Row 45: K3, Inc, K21.

Row 47: K3, Inc, K17, K2tog, K3.

Row 49: K26.

Row 51: K21, K2tog, K3.

Row 53: K25.

Row 55: K20, K2tog, K3.

Row 57: K24.

Row 59: K19, K2tog, K3.

Row 61: K23.

Row 63: K18, K2tog, K3.

Row 65: K17, K2tog, K3.

Row 67: * K1, P1, rep from * across.

Row 68: P1, K1, rep from * across.

Row 69: *K1, P1, Rep from * across to 2 last sts, p2tog,

Row 70: Rep Row 67.

Row 71: *K1, P1, across to 2 last sts, K2tog,

Row 72: Cast off.


Back Panel

Cast on: 54 sts.

Row 1: K across.

Row 2: P across.

Row 3-32: rep row 1 and 2.

Row 33: K3, Inc, K46, Inc, K3

Row 35: K3, Inc, K48, Inc, K3.

Row 37: K3, Inc, K50, Inc, K3.

Row 39: K3, Inc, 52, Inc, K3.

Row 41: K3, Inc, 54, Inc, K3.

Row 43: K3, Inc, 56, Inc, K3.

Row 45: K3, Inc, 58, Inc, K3.

Row 47: K3, Inc, 60, Inc, K3.

Row 49-66: Rep row 1 and 2

Row 67-71: Ribbed Stitch (K1, P1 across).

Row 72: Cast off.


Sleeves: make two.

Cast on: 25 sts.

Row 1: * K1, Inc, Rep from * to last st, K 1, (37 sts)

Row 2: P across.

Row 3: K2, Inc, K across, to last 3 sts, Inc, K2.

Row 4: P across.

Row 5-21: Rep row 4 and 5.

Row 22: P across tie off and hide string.

Row 23: On empty needle cast on 14 sts, Continue work on the sleeve, K12, * K2tog, K 1, Rep from * to last 13 sts, K13, Cast on 14 sts.

Row 24: P across. (74 sts)

Row 25: K across.

Row 26: P across.

Row 27: K2, *K2tog, Rep across to last 3 sts, K3 (56 sts).

Row 28: * K1, P1, Rep from * across.

Row 29: Rep 28.

Row 30: Cast off.


  • Block fronts and back pieces
  • Place back panel right side up and place the right and left front panel’s right side down on top of the back panel.
  • Sew the right and left front panels to back panel by sewing rows 46-71 together along the sides of jacket.
  • Pleat the tops of the front right and left panels 2 times and sew back panel as shown.
  • Take a size H crochet hook and with right side facing you SC from right bottom to right panels up around neck and back down left panel and tie off.
  • With Knitting needle pick up the back loops from SC around front panels and neck from the sc just made.
  • Take sleeves and sew the ends together. Then sew down under the armpit. You will have extra sleeve on purpose where you will need pleat three times for your puffed sleeves.


Attach yarn to front right side of work with right side facing you and do the following:

Row 1: Inc each sts up front panel until you reach the neck area, K around neck, Inc in each sts back down front left.

Row 2: P across

Row 3: K across.

Row 4-6: Rep rows 2 and 3

Row 7: Cast off.


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