Washi Tape Magnets

Washi Tape Magnets
Washi Tape Craft Idea
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This is super simple washi tape craft that you can create in under 15 minutes, literally! All you need is some magnetic sheets or a roll of magnetic strip and some washi tape (in whatever color you choose.)  Assemble your magnets using our tutorial and – Voila: instant, gorgeous fridgie magnets for pictures, artwork, grocery lists or whatever you need to pin to your magnetic surface! 

Head to your local craft store and tell them you want some washi tape, craft tape or maybe decorative tape – it’s all very similar.  It’s easy to use, easy to move and reposition, and so pretty. 

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Washi tape, magnetic sheet or roll, scissors





Measure and cut your magnetic strips or pieces.  Peel off the adhesive protective paper.



Peel and stick your washi tape onto the magnetic strip.



Use your magnets on the fridge, magnetic surfaces or create some washi magnets to give as a gift.  Unleash your imagination!


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