Washi Tape Votive Holder

Washi Tape Votive Holder
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Welcome to wonderful washi tape crafting!  Head to your local craft store and tell them you want some washi tape, craft tape or maybe decorative tape – it’s all very similar.  What is washi tape?  Glad you asked.  It’s a popular new scrapbook/craft product similar to masking tape but lighter and much prettier.  Washi tape or "decorative tape" comes in all kinds of wonderful colors, patterns, and theme sets.  I purchased these sets at Michael's on sale for $2.99 a package (which boasts 30 yards of tape, 10 yards/roll). 

Washi tape was invented in Japan, made from special rice paper with a light adhesive on one side.  It’s easy to use, even easier to remove and reposition, and incredibly pretty.  Get yourself some decorative craft tape, some repurposed votive or mason jars, and get sticky with it!  You will be so glad you did. 

(These washi taped containers would make excellent upcycled teacher gifts as well.)

Difficulty: Easy

Materials: Washi tape, glass votive holders, jars or vases, scissors




Clean and dry your votive holder or jar.

Peel and stick your washi tape in any design or layout you choose.


washi washi

Use the finished project as a storage item, candle or votive holder, picnic or barbecue utensil container, personalized gift, or upcycled décor piece.  Unleash your imagination!




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