Welcoming Snowman

Welcoming Snowman
Welcoming Snowman
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Materials Needed:

1.     Plain sheet of paper

2.     Cardboard sheet – White in colour

3.     Sketch pens – blue, black, red, green and pink

4.     Colour papers – blue, black, red, green and pink

5.     Marker pen

6.     Scissors

7.     Punching machine

8.     Thread for hanging and tying


Craft Procedure:

Christmas is a time for celebrations. It brings and spreads happiness and joy around the place. Irrespective of the age group, it is a time very keenly looked into. It brings in sweet memories about our childhood. For kids, it is a place to explore their creativity in decorating the place around. This welcoming clown, as a Christmas craft, is simple to make and very impressive and colourful. With little help from the elders, it can be made perfect.


Step 1: Take the plain sheet of paper and place it on a smooth surface. Once placed, draw the clown as shown on the above image. Put the outline of the paper to make it as a trace.

Step 2: Place this cut paper on the cardboard sheet and draw the outline. Cut it on the outline to get a hanging clown.

Step 3: Either using colour papers or coloured sketch pens, the clown outlined cardboard sheet can be made colourful

Step 4: Paste the black colour sheet of paper for hat and hanger, blue colour paper for collar, green colour paper for gloves and red colour paper for the border of the gloves.

Step 5: If not with colour papers, one can just colour those areas using different coloured sketch pens. But for good impression, coloured papers are preferred

Step 6: Using a black marker pen, draw the eyes (two similar oval shaped circles), nose and lips. Use colours on them also

Step 7: Decorate the hat in the green colour frills cut from green colour paper and red colour border

Step 8: Make 5 holes using the punching machine in the bottom portion of the clown, the holes must be of equal distance on the stretched hands of the clown

Step 9: Make geometric shapes of stars, circles, unique design as you prefer or as shown in the image in the cardboard sheet. Paste different colour papers like blue, green, etc on the geometric shapes using glue

Step 11: Using punching machine, make a hole on each geometric shape and hang it through the hole made on the clown’s hand.

Step 12: Hang the smiling and welcoming clown in the place of your choice where light breeze is expected and make it dance.