Witch Hat

Witch Hat
Halloween Crafts - Witch Hat
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You need: black construction paper, glue, scissors

How to: On the paper draw a big circle, as big as you want your hat to be in diameter. Cut this circle out. In the exact middle of this circle, draw another circle, as big as the head of the kid. And inside this one draw another one, a little smaller. Connect these 2 circles with lines, all around. Start cutting on one line, follow the first circle you meet until the next line. Follow this line until the next circle. You should end up with the brim of the hat that has in the inner side several tabs. Fold these tabs up.

Take the big piece of paper again and make a cone, wide as the inside of the brim and as high as you want it.

Take again the brim and put glue on the outside of the tabs you have lifted. Place the cone on top of the brim and press the tabs to the inside of it, so you can form the hat.

Decorate it as you want.

Let it dry well before using it!