Wooden Starflakes

Wooden Starflakes
Wooden Starflakes
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This fun Christmas craft is great for kids and adults. These will look beautiful hanging in a window or from the ceiling.

What You Need

5-6 Wooden clothespegs
4 Round wooden discs (or pieces of cardboard)
6 Small wooden or plastic buttons
Glue (hot glue or white glue)
Gold or Silver craft paint
Glitter (optional)
Raffia for hanging the starflake

What You Do

Choose six wooden clothespegs, two flat discs and six buttons.

Lay the flat round piece on a flat surface. Begin arranging the clothespegs on the disc so that all six will fit.

Once the pegs are arranged, glue them down on the round disc.

Next, the other round disc can be glued on top of the clothespegs.

Buttons and other found objects can be added around the starflake

When the glue is dry, the starflake can be painted. Ours is gold but you could use silver, blue, red, green ... any color you like.

Finally, glitter can be added for a final detail and a piece of raffia can be attached so the starflake can hang.


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