Yarn Pumpkin

Yarn Pumpkin
Pumpkin Craft
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These cute little pumpkins are perfect for hanging on a string or garland and are a quick craft for the Halloween Holiday!


Orange Craft Yarn

Pipe cleaners– brown and green

Piece of cardboard – 2 in x 5 in


First find a piece of cardboard to help you with the winding. I tore off a piece from an empty cereal box. If you want a smaller pumpkin, use a piece of cardboard that is 2 inches thick. Or if you want it a little larger, go 3 inches. I also bend my piece of cardboard in half a bit, just so it’s easier to take the yarn off when it’s done being wrapped.

Take your yarn color of choice and start wrapping it around your cardboard. The more you wrap, the thicker and tighter the pumpkin looks- I would recommend 80- 100 for this size. When you’re done winding, then just cut your string off, letting it hang in place. It will get tucked away later.

Cut your brown piece of pipe cleaner in half and slip one through your winded up yarn. This is where the bent in half card board piece comes in handy. If your cardboard is bent, it’s easier to slip the pipe cleaner through. Then twist up the end together, forming a stem for the top of the pumpkin.

You now put the other cut half brown pipe cleaner through again and twist it up on the opposite end of the yarn, creating the round pumpkin. Twist it up a ways, then cut off the pipe cleaner with scissors fairly close to the yarn and bend that end of wire in.

You can be done here or add a little leaf to the pumpkin. With a 2 inch piece of green pipe cleaner, slip it under the top brown stem. Then bend in each half to look like 2 little leaves.