Angel Face Ornament

Angel Face Ornament
Angel Face Ornament

Angel Face Ornament - craft project

This angel face doll pattern was Kindly Contributed by Designer: Cathy Lawrence of Cloth Dolls by Stitch 'N Stuff. For more patterns like this, Click here to visit Cathy's pattern gallery.

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Materials: 1/8 yard muslin; Polyfil; 1/4 yard piece of pre-quilted fabric; 40 inches of 3/8 inch metallic wired ribbon; 1 – 12" white or beige chenille stem; 13" of 1/4" ribbon for hanger; Prismacolor pencils, micron pens; White acrylic paint; Blush; Mod Podge; Workable Fixative.

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Please read all directions before starting. All pieces include 1/4" seam allowances.

    1. Cut 2 head pieces and 2 neck/shoulder pieces out of muslin.
    2. Using a light brown Prismacolor pencil, trace the facial features to the right side of one of the head pieces.
    3. Right sides together, sew the 2 head pieces leaving an opening for stuffing as indicated on the pattern piece. Clip curves and turn right sides out.
    4. Stuff the head until firm and hand-sew the opening closed.
    5. Right sides together, sew around the neck/shoulder pieces leaving an opening for turning as indicated on the pattern piece. Clip the curves and turn right sides out. Stuff firmly and sew the opening closed.
    6. Cut a 16" x 2" piece of muslin for the arms. Fold in half lengthwise so that you now have a 16" x 1" piece. Using a disappearing ink pen, mark the center of the piece. Make another mark 2" each side of the center mark. In order to make turning the tube easier, sew using a scant 1/8" seam until you get to the first mark. At that point, sew a –" seam until you get to the last mark, then switch back to the scant 1/8" seam. See illustration.

Turn the tube right side out. Insert a 12" chenille stem into the tube. Tie a knot, having the knot at the center of the tube. The knot becomes the clasped hands.

  1. Now it–s time to tea-dye the head, neck/shoulder and arms. Pour about 1 quart of boiling hot water over 8 tea bags. Allow to cool and wring out the tea bags. Soak the pieces in the tea mixture to desired color. Rinse with cold water and squeeze the excess moisture out and allow the fabric to dry before proceeding.
  2. When dry, paint the facial features. I use prismacolor pencils, micron pens and white acrylic paint. Apply blush to the cheeks, neck/shoulder area and the knot for the hands. I like to apply Workable Fixative to the face to keep the colors from fading or smudging. Apply Mod Podge to lips and eyes to give them a glossy look.
  3. For the hair, cut four 7" lengths and six 2" lengths of 3/8" metallic wired ribbon. Sew one end of each of the 2" lengths across the top of the head for bangs having the end of the ribbon just behind the seam line. Stack the four 7" lengths evenly and tack together in the middle. Place the bundle on the head, covering the ends of the 2" ribbons. Using a crochet hook (I used a "F" hook), wrap each ribbon around the hook separately to form a ringlet. You could also use a knitting needle or paintbrush handle. Twist and turn the ringlets around the face. If you desire, add extra ribbon ringlets for a fuller hairdo.
  4. Pin the head on the neck/shoulder piece. I sewed my angel–s head on a slight angle instead of straight up and down. When you are pleased with the angle of the head, sew the tab of the neck/shoulder piece to the back of the head.
  5. To make the sleeves, cut an 18" x 7" piece of a soft flowing material. I used crinkle gauze. Finish off each of the short ends. Fold the piece in half lengthwise with the right sides together. Sew the length of the sleeve to form a tube and finish off the seam by either zigzagging or serging. Turn right sides out. Place the sleeve on the arms. Bring the two ends of the arms together and tack. Now move the sleeve so that the knot is showing and the seam of the sleeve is at the bottom.
  6. Set the angel inside the arms/sleeves and adjust the sleeves so the extra fullness becomes the bodice for the angel. Bend the arms to fit around the neck/shoulder area. Tack the back of the arms to the back of the neck/shoulders. Bend the arms to form praying hands. Fold in the bottom of the sleeves to hide the hem stitching.
  7. Cut a 20" piece of gathered lace. By hand, sew a basting stitch along the length of the lace. Pull the basting stitches to fit the lace around the neckline of the bodice. Tack the lace in place.
  8. Cut 2 wings out of pre-quilted fabric or use plain fabric with batting in between the two layers. Right sides together, sew the wings leaving an opening where indicated on the pattern piece. Clip curves and turn right sides out. Sew the opening closed. Cut a 13" piece of 1/4" ribbon. Form in a loop and tie a knot at the bottom. Attach the knot to the bottom of the back of the angel–s head. Attach the wings to the angel so that the top of the wings covers up most of the back of the angel–s head.

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