Doily Angel

Doily Angel
Doily Angel

Free Angel Craft Projects - Doily Angel

What you need: Fabric Stiffener; Tacking pins; Doilies: 1 round Irish Rose (white, 6") and 1 round Irish Rose (white, 4"); white crafting glue; hot glue gun (optional); Pinning board (corrugated cardboard); Lace: flat, 1 3/8", white 1/4 yard; Ribbon, satin, double-faced, 1/16", 1/2 yard each of red and green; Bead, white, 1/2"; Dylite shapes: ball, satin covered, 1", white; tree, 3"; small piece, 3/8" thick.; Chenille, white: stem, 7"; loopy, 6"; Pearl beads, string, 2 1/2"mm, white, 3"; Ribbon rose, satin, 3/8", white; Miscellaneous: scissors; needle; white sewing thread; ruler; craft knife.

What to do:

1. Follow stiffening instructions to soak doilies in stiffener.

2. Cut a 1 1/2" circle from small piece of Dylite and pin to bottom of tree form for extra height. Pin center of doily to top of tree to form the skirt. Stretch and pin bottom edges evenly around to pinning board.

3. For the halo, stretch and evenly pin 4" doily flat on board in a circle. Let dry and unpin.

4. To form the upper body, glue bead to top of skirt.

5. To form shoulders and arms, bend chenille stem into a square, butting ends in center of one side. Twist ends together to join hands. See illustration below. Glue center of side opposite hands to top of chest bead.

6. With needle and thread, gather one long edge of lace. With ends at back, center and glue gathered lace around bead over shoulders.

7. Glue loopy chenille to 1" ball to make hair on head. Starting at top center of head, wind and glue chenille in two rows around bead, ending at base of head near neck. Glue head to shoulders in middle of gathered lace.

8. Tie a small bow using both green and red ribbons together; trim ends. Glue bow to center of hands. Loop pearls on string and glue ends to hands over center of bow. Glue rose to center of bow over pearl ends.

9. Glue 4" doily halo to back of head and where it touches skirt.