Egg Carton Angel

Egg Carton Angel
Egg Carton Angel

Egg Carton Angel - Craft Project

Materials: 2 egg cartons, white (color cartons may also be used); Small doll head, 1-1/2" diameter; Tinsel-tex wire, gold; Gold paper lace, narrow border; Clear all purpose glue, glaze; Scissors and awl for cutting tools.


1. Cut three sections from the four cups on the ends of the egg carton. The flared bottom of cup should measure 2 3/4".

2. Make the bottom tier of skirt by fusing these three pieces together from the inside. Pieces will overlap.

3. Scallop bottom of skirt with cutter. Etch a lace design, of your choice, by burning through skirt with heated tip of awl or cutting tool of choice.

4. Make a middle skirt tier the same as the first. Etch and then glue to first tier.

5. Cut four 1 1/4" wide petal-shaped pieces from the side of the egg carton for the upper skirt tier. Etch lace design around the bottom edge. Glue one to front, back and each side of the second skirt tier.

6. Cut out a divider (see figure below). Etch a lace design and glue to upper tier of skirt to form waist.

7. Cut out an egg cup and etch lace design for bodice and shoulders. Glue to waist.

8. Cut a hole in top of shoulders for head. Glue head in place.

9. You may cut arms from curve on lid if desired or skip this step. Use cutter to make armholes and glue arms into place.

10. Cut wings from lid. Etch designs in wings. Trim opening at back of shoulders; insert and glue wings into place.

11. Twist a 5" length of gold tinsel-tex wire into a halo and trim with gold paper lace. Attach to head.