Glass Angel

Glass Angel
Glass Angel

Glass Angel - Craft Project

Materials: 1 pear shaped clear glass globe ornament; 1 wooden dowel (for head); 1 large cotton ball; 1 package DariceĀ® 3 3/4" white opalescent angel wings; 1 plastic or metal gold ring (for halo); 1 sprig of opalescent miniature flowers; 1 package white feathers; hot glue gun and glue sticks; markers or paint for facial features.

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Size: Approximately 6" high.


1.Remove hanging loop and crown section from glass globe ornament. Discard the hook. Spread open the crown to form a cup shaped pedestal to set base of globe into. Center base on crown pedestal and securely glue in place.

2. Paint facial features on dowel for head. Glue head onto opening at top of glass globe (body).

3. Cut 4 to 5 flowers from their stems and glue around neckline just under head, as shown in photo above.

4. Glue wings to back of neck area as shown.

5. Glue point tips of white feathers one at a time and tuck under flowers at neckline. Continue this process all around angel tucking into wings at back and flowers in front, as shown in photo above.