Victorian Lace Angel

Victorian Lace Angel
Victorian Lace Angel

Victorian Lace Angel - Craft Project

Kindly Contributed by: Linda Lagerberg of Wings of Angels Email with any questions regarding this project.

Supplies: 1/2 yard of No.100 (4"wide) No. 8407 Eggshell Marquis or White Lace Ribbon by WFR Ribbon Co. (or similar lace manufactured by another company/see lace image); 12" length of 5/16" wide Victorian colored ribbon of your choice or pre-made mini bow; White chenille stem; 18mm wooden bead doll head (with painted-on face); 12" length (approx.) brown curly chenille for hair; Gold Glitter Stem (for Halo); Fine Wire or 1/8" ribbon (a large eye-small needle needed if you use ribbon); Tacky Craft Glue and/or Cool Melt Glue Gun.

1. To begin, bend one end of the white chenille stem over about 1/2" and add glue; attach to the center of the bead head; dry.

2. Spread tacky glue on top of the bead head where the hair will be. Starting at the center back at the bottom, attach the curly chenille hair and wrap around the head, piling on top. Tuck the end in on the top and glue to secure. Note: A cool melt glue gun can be used in place of tacky glue for the hair but you must apply just a little length of glue and hair at a time as you go around the head.

3. Cut a 4" length of the gold glitter stem and form into a circle. Twist ends together and apply a bit of glue on the twisted ends and push the halo down over the doll's hair with the twisted ends in back. Make sure that the glued end is attached to the doll's hair.

4. Count 11 holes down the center of the lace ribbon and cut. Thread this piece of lace over the chenille stem under the head (being careful to go into each of the 11 holes) and push up to about 1" to form wings.

5. Cut a 6" length of fine wire or 1/8" ribbon. Sew or glue one narrow edge of leftover length of lace that was used for wings. Thread wire or ribbon ( in and out of the centers of the small flowers on one long edge. Wrap the lace around the white chenille stem underneath the wing section and tighten the wire to form a skirt. Cut wire and fold sharp ends under (or ribbon). A spot of glue may be used on the top back of the skirt on the stem.

6. Cut a 2" length from the bottom of the white chenille stem (or a 5" piece of eggshell or white ribbon knotted together at the bottom may be used). Twist chenille stem ends together and glue it (or ribbon) to the back of the angels hair and on her back to form a hanger.

7. Fold the remaining chenille stem (the stem attached to the bead head that forms the angel body) under and to the back of the angel.

8. For a finishing touch, tie the 5/16" ribbon into a bow (or use mini pre-made bow) and glue to the front of the angel under the bead head near the waist.

9. Glue a flower of your choice to the middle of the bow if desired. Use your imagination to decorate the angel. CREATE AND ENJOY!!