Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel
Christmas Angel




Christmas Angel" Craft Project


What you need: Pale pink cotton, 3/8 yards; white polished cotton, 1/2 yd.; eyelet ruffling in the following widths and yardage: 5" wide, 2 1/2yds., 2"-wide 1/2 yd., 1"-wide 1 1/2 yds.; white organdy 1/4 yd.; dotted Swiss 12" x 12"; 1/4"-wide white rickrack, 1 package; satin ribbons in following widths and yardage: 3/16"-wide 2 yds., 1/2"-wide 1 1/2 yds., 7/8"-wide 1/2 yd.; gold decorative braid 2 3/4 yds.; embroidery floss in the following colors: Light pink, dark pink, medium blue, soft brown, white; two gold-colored pot scrubbers; 5"-length cut from cardboard paper toweling tube; flexible copper or florist wire, about 4'; fabric glue; polyester fiberfill; dressmaker's carbon and tracing wheel; ice cream stick; 5" embroidery hoop.

Directions: Enlarge and and cut out the angel pattern pieces at bottom of page.

Using enlarged patterns, cut form pink fabric two body pieces, four hand pieces and one head piece; on a 6" square of pink fabric, trace the head pattern including the facial features; this piece will be cut out after embroidering the features. From white organdy, cut one 12" x 28" piece for underskirt. From polished cotton, cut two sleeves, one 13" x 29" piece for overskirt and two 2" x 5 1/2" strips for shoulder bands. Seam allowance is 1/2" on clothes and 1/4" on body parts.

1. With Satin Stitch, embroider facial features on traced head piece. Cut out head on marked outline.

2. With right sides together, seam head front to back, and hand fronts to backs, leaving an opening in top edges; seam body front to back, leaving top and bottom edges open. Trim seams; clip curves. Turn all pieces right side out. Stuff hands, head and upper part of body with polyester fill. Slipstitch openings in head and hands. Insert an ice cream stick between body stuffing and fabric, with top extending upward about 2" to be attached later to the head. Add body stuffing as needed to fill out torso.

3. Make two rows of machine-gathering stitches on top and bottom edges of sleeves and on one long edge of underskirt and overskirt.

4. On the underskirt, turn the other long edge 1/4" to right sides; press fold. Pin finished edge of 1" ruffling over raw edge; topstitch in place. Stitch center back seam. Gather to edge to fit around the center of the 5" tube' glue in place.

5. On the overskirt, make a 2" hem on the other long edge; topstitch rickrack along the hem stitching line. Topstitch 5" ruffling in three tiers, measuring from the skirt bottom edge as follows;: 5", 7 1/2" and 9". Stitch center back seam, with the ruffle edges aligned. Gather the top edge to fit tube; glue in place, making sure the underskirt ruffle shows at bottom.

6. Stitch sleeve seams. Gather top edge to fit shoulder and bottom edge to fit wrist. Topstitch 1" ruffling and gold braid to bottom edge. Stitch gathered edges in place on shoulder and wrists.

7. Bend wire to the shape of the wing pattern. On the right side of the dotted Swiss, glue wire wings and weight; let dry. Cut away excess fabric around wire. Glue gold away excess fabric around wire. Glue gold braid on both sides of wings, covering the wire.

Assembling the Angel:

1. Slip the torso over the top of the tube; glue in place.

2. fold under 1/2" on both long edges of shoulder bands; press. Lightly glue 1/2" satin ribbon down center of bands, and tiny rickrack along each side of ribbon. Glue 1" ruffling to underside of outer edge of each band. Pin bands in place on shoulders, tucking a small piece of ruffling between them in front; glue in place front and back.

3. Sew 2" ruffling around waist as top layer of skirt. Glue 1" satin ribbon around waist, covering all raw edges.

4. Make tiny bows from 3/16" satin ribbon; tack in place on skirt, as show in photo. From 1/2" satin ribbon, make a 2" bow with long streamers. Tack to top ruffle on skirt back.

5. Arrange the head on the neck at the correct height. Glue Popsicle stick to back of head; whipstitch neck to head securely. Arrange pot scrubbers to look like hair; tack to head in several places. Arrange some tendrils in a curly effect around face, and in a topknot, with a narrow ribbon tied in a bow around it.

6. Sew the center of the wings securely to the waistline in back.