Soft Angel Ornament

Soft Angel Ornament
Soft Angel Ornament

Free Angel Craft Projects - Soft Angel Ornament

Materials: (to make one angel) Patterns for angel Click Here. Remnant of fabric (for body); 6" x 12" white fabric (for wings); 6" x 6" quilt batting; 3 1/2" x 15" small print fabric (for dress); polyester stuffing; embroidery floss (red and black); 2-ply sport yarn (for hair); 15" (1"-wide) lace; heavy-duty thread or crochet cotton; 8" (1 1/2"-wide) pregathered lace or fabric edged with lace.


1.Cut a front and back body from body fabric, 2 wings from white fabric, 1 wing from quilt batting, and 1 rectangle (3 1/2" x 15") from dress fabric. Set aside.

2. Body: Use 1/4" seam allowance around all pattern pieces when making ornament. Sew front and back of body together, right sides facing, leaving opening on side. Turn right sides out, stuff, and close.

3. Face: Using black floss, embroider eyes in flystitch and eyebrows in straight stitch. Embroider red mouth in straight stitch.

4. Add hair: Wrap yarn around narrow side of a 1 1/2" x 12" strip of heavy paper. Stitch lengthwise down center of paper, catching loops of yarn (Fig.1). Sew hair onto head by hand. Begin by sewing curve of hair to back of head; sew hair from side seam over top to other side (Fig. 2).

5. Dress: Turn under 1/8" on long edge of dress fabric; sew 1"-wide lace to cover this edge. Sew back of dress together with right sides facing. Turn dress right side out and press 1/4" toward inside along top edge. Gather top edge with heavy thread, drawing it up to fit around neck and tacking it in place. Sew ends of wider lace together, gather around neck in same manner, and attach to back. Trim dress with a bow of narrow ribbon or crochet cotton.

6. Wings: Place two wings with right sides together; then place batting on top. Sew through all three layers, leaving an opening to turn. Trim batting close to seam and slip seam allowances around curves. Turn, press, and sew opening closed. Quilt by hand or machine, if desired. Tack wings to "X" on back.

7. Add a loop of thread or gold string for hanging.