Feather Angel

Feather Angel
Feather Angel

Free Craft Project - Feather Angel

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Supplies Needed: Item #'s in material list are the catalog order numbers

a.. (1) SW-4, 6" pc strung white feather Schlappens for body b.. (1) NH-4, 4" pc strung white feather neck hackles for wings c.. (1) 1224-21, 2-1/2" Porcelain head & hands d.. (1) 10427-10, 12" x 12mm Chenille Stem e.. (1) 07067 Cream 7/8" Ribbon x 6yds f.. glue gun (low temp preferred) g.. scrap of felt or heavy fabric h.. optional ribbon roses for center of hands

Finished size is approx. 7-1/2" tall x 7-1/2" wide (with wings).


1.. Hold porcelain doll head by base. Run a bead of glue around neck and attach Schlappens feathers. Start from middle of the back of neck & come around until it meets. It's okay if it doesn't completely cover.

2.. Cut a 5-1/2" piece of chenille stem. On each end, glue a hand. Place hot glue inside hand & slide stem in, repeat on other side. Be sure both thumbs face up. Bend in place around the neck of your angel. Attach at center of back. Fold around & let arms hand.

3.. Take your 5" piece of 7/8" Cream ribbon & fold in half, knot each end. Attach at back. Wrap around to hide chenille stem loosely and attach with glue. Position hands where you want them, glue in place. You can add a rose, some lace, pearls or any accent. You can also put some pearls around the neck.

4.. Make several coils w/glitter stem for halo. Attach to back.

5.. Cut your 4" piece of hackle feathers into 2 pieces. Fan out and glue to back of angel to make wings. Add a small piece of felt or fabric & glue a bar pin, attach to back or you can attach a cord to hand or pin it. You can also take some feather scraps and glue around the head for an added touch.

Hope you enjoy your angel!

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