Tulle Angel

Tulle Angel
Tulle Angel

Tulle Angel - Free Craft Project

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Materials Needed: Item #'s in material list are the catalog order numbers

a.. 1236-10, 12" plastic angel form b.. 04637, 4mm round pearls c.. B2490-212, gold wire 24g x 30yds d.. SW-4, Schlappens feathers e.. (1 yd) 3006-100, White tulle x 5yds f.. (7 pcs) 3001-902, 9" lace circle white/gold x 25pcs g.. 7202-01, white bow 1-1/4" x 6pcs h.. hot glue gun and glue sticks


1.. Fold tulle circle in half, fold again, cut a 1-3/4" piece off the center to make a hole in the middle.

2.. Apply glue around the base and slip on one circle, repeat until you use all 7 circles and putting glue about 3/4" apart each time. If you want a fuller look add more circles.

3.. Put glue on shoulders and place 3 pieces of feathers on each side.

4.. Take a one yard piece of tulle and fold in half and fold again. Gather in the middle and tighten using a piece of wire then accent with white bow.

5.. Glue in front of doll to secure in place. Fold over shoulders and secure in place by gathering & tying w/wire then glue down.

6.. Cover arms w/pieces of feathers & accent with strung pearls.

7.. To attach wings, cut pieces of Schlappens & hot glue to back above waist.

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