Grapevine Angel

Grapevine Angel
Grapevine Angel

Grapevine Angel - Free Craft Project

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15-30 minutes & you're done!

Note: All materials for this project are available at Sunshine Discount Craft Supplies

Materials Needed: Item #'s in material list are the catalog order numbers

a.. 3007-100, 9 yds 9" tulle white b.. 2827-45, grapevine angel c.. RHSM04, spanish moss 4oz d.. 2916-23, 5 yds Curling Ribbon Silver x 500yds e.. 7226-69, 1" Poinsettia burgundy x 3pc f.. 7203-69, Burgundy ribbon roses x8pc g.. Glue gun


1. Starting with tulle cut a piece approx. 4-5yds. Start at the top of Angel's head & wrap through the body back & forth until it is filled in. When you run out of tulle, tie another 4-5 yds piece to the end & continue on.

2. Take end piece at top through top edge & tie it pulling it closer.

3. Glue two poinsettia ribbon flowers in middle. Glue small ribbon flowers at center of hearts.

4. Wrap the wings loosely with the silver ribbon. Glue the starting point and wrap them. When you finish, glue end in back.

5.Glue some spanish moss at top of head and add a few roses.

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