Beaded Angel

Beaded Angel
Beaded Angel

"Beaded Angel" - Free Craft Project

Materials: Glue gun and sticks; 1 pkg. DariceĀ® Safety Pin Angels (month of choice); small wire cutters and pliers.

Finished Size: 4" high.

Instructions: The actual instructions for this project come inside the package but there were many issues not addressed. The instructions below include problems we encountered or tips we devised and are pointing them out here so that your process in creating this craft will be easier. We are suggesting here that you print out this page of more detailed instructions to assist you when you purchase your angel kit. Cost of kit is only $5.00 and is available at most craft supply stores.

1. In step 1 of instructions, which come with the beaded safety pin angel, you will notice that there is very little difference between the 10mm and 12mm stars, so look carefully at the sized before you put them on the pin. If you use the wrong sizes, you will have to take your work apart.

2. When placing all 10 pins on the 5" length of wire for the skirt, be sure to place the side of the safety pins with the beads to the outside.

3. Step 3 of instructions provided with kit it is very misleading. It is easier to understand this step by looking at the actual photo of the finished angel on front of package. Thread wire through head of safety pin and add beads as instructed. Then, thread wire through next pin head and repeat process in this manner all around base of skirt, then tie off wire.

4. When adding the bell cap, place it on wire so the leaves are pointing down over top of skirt.

5. This (creating arms) was the most challenging step, as the directions give little detail on how this is done. What we did, which is opposed to the directions was to double both 6" pieces of wire in half and then strung the beads from step 5 in the opposite order. This left a small loop on the end for hands and it was easier to attach the wire ends to the body.

6. Easy, just glue wings and halo on.