Angel Pin

Angel Pin
Angel Pin

"Angel Pin (Angel in White)" - Free Craft Project

This cute little angel pin project was kindly contributed by designer: Jeanetta McDuffie For questions regarding this project, please contact Jeanetta by email by clicking on this email address:

What you need: 1-7/8" wood teardrop; Paint-acrylic water-based; 1-1/4"x1/8" wood wings; Brushes (assorted sizes); 1-1x1x1/8" wood disk; Tacky glue; 1-pin back; Toothpicks; 1-gold ring (halo); Permanent ink pen; Sand paper and paper towels; Acrylic sealer.

What to do:

#1-Sand all pieces.

#2-Paint wood disk with flesh-both sides-let dry.

#3-Paint body (teardrop) both sides-dry.

#4-Face-go back and paint hair, both sides-let dry.

#5-Wings-Paint both sides white-let dry, dry brush edges with contrasting color.

#6-Face-use an eye shadow applicator and real blush, make rosy cheeks.

#7-With toothpick, or end of brush make 2 small dots for eyes (black) and using red or pink, 3 small dots for mouth-let dry.

#8-With black micro pen, write out or print message on body and add stitches on wings and body.

#9-Glue all pieces together and dry-glue pin on back and halo to head.

General Instructions:

#1-Never wear good clothes

#2-Believe you are Picasso

#3-Have a good time and laugh at your mistakes! Life's too short to worry about this stuff

#4-If you do worry E-Mail me. Jeanetta McDuffie

#5-Clean up your own mess because it can get messy!