Cute Little Angel

Cute Little Angel
Cute Little Angel

"Cute Little Angel" - Free Craft Project

Kindly contributed by: Dione Davis If you have any problem with this angel craft, you may contact Dione for assistance.

Materials: Needle and same color thread; cross stitch thread (color of choice); small crochet hook; small white shirt button; bead, or pearl (with hole); white ribbon, 1/4" wide about 1" long.


1. Crochet cross stitch thread into a two inch long bell shape.

2. Take a long piece of the string and tie into a loop in the center for a hanger.

3. Thread both ends of string through the button and bead holes.

4. Tie the string through the top of the bell shape (narrow end).

5. Take the ribbon and fold into a "V" shape. Attach behind the pearl head as wings.