Appliqué Instructions - Learn this beautiful art with our easy, step by step lessons. Enjoy!

Appliqué is a small ornament applied to another surface. The word appliqué is a french word that, in this context, means "that which has been applied".

Appliquéing is actually the cutting out of shapes of material, arranging them on the surface of other material to form a design. The appliqué pieces should be contrast in texture or color to make it outstanding. Felt, some heavy fabric and leather need no seam allowance; machine stitch in position, then simply blanket stitch raw edges to background. Always place appliqué pieces on material so the grain of each correspond.

Select a design with straight lines or gradual curves and one with relatively few pattern pieces. If you are appliquéing by hand, choose supple, lightweight or medium -weight fabrics such as cotton, muslin, broadcloth, or sailcloth. (Avoid any fabrics that ravel easily.)

When selecting colors, choose the background fabric first, then develop a color scheme around it.

To begin the project, first trace your pattern onto a large sheet of paper for a master pattern. Make another pattern and cut out each pattern piece. To keep track of the pieces, number or letter the corresponding shapes on the cutting pattern and the master pattern. For each pattern piece, cut a template from cardboard but do not add seam allowance.

Lay out the pattern piece on your fabric, leaving at least 1/2 inch between the pieces. Trace around the pieces, using a hard lead pencil. This line represents the fold line (for turning under the seam allowance). Cut the pattern pieces 1/4 inch beyond the fold line.

Turn under the seam allowances on all of the pattern pieces and baste. Pin and baste the appliqués to the background fabric and begin appliquéing the pieces in place, using whipstitches, backstitches, or blind stitches.

Remove pins and baste a layer of quilt batting and a layer of backing fabric to your appliquéd piece. Quilt the design as desired, using small running stitches.

Frame your finished appliquéd piece inside a wooden quilting hoop and hang as desired.

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