How To Make Your Own Gift Baskets

How To Make Your Own Gift Baskets
How To Make Your Own Gift Baskets

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Receiving a gift basket is great fun. But making your own, whether for business or personal enjoyment is deeply satisfying. All your creativity is engaged. All your craft making skills are brought to bear. But many potential artists are stopped at the outset, unsure how to proceed. Rest assured, it's easy!

First, choose a theme. Your gift basket can be about anything. Have a family member who's an avid reader? Consider a gift basket full of books and top it off with a little book light. Add a piece of chocolate to hold them through their period of relaxation. Does someone you know like playing chess? Think of stuffing a gift basket with a miniature magnetized set and arranging the pieces in an interesting pattern.

Then get down to the design. Sketch out, on paper or just in your mind, what you'll need to execute your gift basket idea. Make a list of materials, sizes and tools. Then, go shopping. See, this is fun already. You'll need a basket, of course. That can be anything that will hold the items - a traditional wicker container, an antique coffee can, an ancient toy bucket or a contemporary planter. Try to find something that complements your theme. Once you have the container and the items, you'll usually want to be able to wrap everything up. Cellophane is one possible choice. Wax paper works well, too, because it's flexible and teases the recipient. They can see enough to be intrigued, but can't clearly make out what the gifts are. Lay everything out and arrange your basket items inside the container. Remember that in many cases, they'll tend to shift around. Select some suitable stuffing material to keep them in place. It could be a delightful small kitchen towel, newspapers from years ago, or even marbles glued together. Try to keep it creative. Avoid ordinary bubble wrap or Styrofoam shipping peanuts. Once they're arranged and secured, consider a 'topping'. You might sprinkle the gifts with star-shaped glitter, or heart-shaped confetti if it's the 4th of July or Valentine's Day. Make sure they won't spill out of the basket the second the wrapping is taken off. No one wants a gift that forces them to clean up afterward! Wrap everything and store the basket appropriately. If it contains chocolate, room temperature is fine. If the basket holds white wine, you might want to tuck it in the refrigerator. Then, don't forget about presentation. Prepare a glass of wine, or announce the opening with an appropriate song. Make it special. Preparing everything as if it were a special event, even when it's just a Thank You gift for the loan of some garden shears, brings enjoyment to life. That's what gifts are all about. Celebration. So, celebrate!

By: Joe Mitchell

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