Merchandising Your Jewelry

Merchandising Your Jewelry
Merchandising Your Jewelry

Merchandising Your Jewelry - Article Contributed by: Subastral Inc.

Merchandising decisions for fashion accessories and craft jewelry are a matter of personal preference but here are a few ideas for consideration.
Don't make the mistake of selling only the things you like or the most exclusive items you can find. If your goal is to turn a profit, and as a business person I'm guessing it is, then you need to be selling items that people will want to buy. Take a friend or a few friends with you when you go on a buying trip to get a broader spectrum of styles.

The design adage "less is more" is not particularly apt when it comes to selling fashion jewelry. Customers respond more eagerly to a full showcase of merchandise than a minimal array of items. Fewer items can make your display look picked over as though what is left has been passed over by others.

Selling begins before the customer even sets foot in your store. The store window display is your opportunity to invoke shopper curiosity and prime them for the goodies you have on offer. Make the most of it and be sure to live up to the presentation when they decide to further explore within your store.

Consider your lighting. The lighting in a retail space can convey instant messages about the atmosphere in the store and the quality of the products sold. In fact lighting is probably the most important factor in jewelry display. Properly considered lighting can make your merchandise explode with vitality and allure. Adjust the lighting dynamics within your retail environment to arouse interest in certain areas and fully exploit those areas with merchandise.

Be approachable. Check your ego at the door. Jewelry customers are motivated by whim, a fleeting emotional state. Encourage their impulse and add to it's momentum by being friendly and unpretentious. If you create the comfortable environment for the customer to linger longer they will hopefully find that ‘must have' item.

Encourage customer involvement and interaction. There is a persuasive thrill to handling jewelry that you should exploit to its fullest. Make the merchandise accessible and encourage the customer to touch and try items on.

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