Bath Sachets craft project

Bath Sachets craft project
Bath Sachets craft project

Free Craft Projects - Bath Sachets

Kindly Contributed by Designer: Dianne Lesser © 1998 All Rights Reserved

This project is so easy and the finished product so beautiful and aromatic. You can also use this idea to create a variety of sachets such as using Victorian prints instead of washcloths and paper sachets for aromatic insert in place of the soap.

Materials: 2 washcloths in colors of choice; 1 New bar of scented soap; 1 Elastic band; Trim of choice, i.e (Ribbon, lace, raffia, buttons, flowers, bows, etc.; Glue gun & glue.

Edible Crafts: Impress your friends with Candy Bouquets and Centerpieces. Make Them For Fun & Profit.


1. Place the two washcloth's one over the other. Note: You may use contrasting colors or two of the same color. Roll the two sides of the top washcloth into the center so that they are even. Do the same with the second washcloth only roll to just outside the two inner rolls of the first washcloth. Your project should now look like four rolls of same size.

2. Turn washcloths over carefully so as not to disturb the rolls. Place the bar of soap centered width wise on the washcloth rolls.

3. Bring up long ends of washcloth rolls and wrap around the soap making sure they are even. Secure with elastic band.

4. You are now ready to trim with your decor choices. Voila!

These also make wonderful gifts if you know the color and decor of the recipient's bath ensemble.